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The Great Outdoors

During lazy summer days, our deck dog likes to relax in style.

If I am sitting outside, he will march over to the chair he would like to be on, jump part way up, look at me and grunt. I'm well trained and will immediately lift him up so he can bask in comfort.

Who trained who?

Making the Perfect Bed

The perfect bed is made from a blanket...any blanket. But you don't fold must throw it in a heap.

At that point the little boys jump on it and perform a type of dance where they use their paws to beat it, move it, and scratch it up.

Then it's up to their standards for a snooze. The only thing they have to do is walk about in circles on top of it until a good spot is found. Then they can settle in for a nap.

If it is not quite right, within a minute the boys will start performing the circle dance again until the actual "perfect spot" is detected. And then...goodnight!

Natural Tick Control

In the spring I purchased a  popular brand of tick control. Namely, the commercial solution that you drip between the shoulder blades.

Bruiser was somewhat despondent for a day but Rocki was SICK...lethargic, shaking, didn't eat. I did some research online and found that many dogs got sick from this "preventative" measure and indeed, some even died. I toyed with taking him to the vet but he slowly got better and I never did do that. What I did note was that even with the treatment, they still had the odd tick that was immune to the chemical cocktail in their systems and still had to be removed. However, it stuck in my head that there must be a better way to treat them for ticks without them getting violently ill from commercial products.

After much research, I discovered that Geranium Oil (which can be purchased at any health food store) was recommended for ticks. So, my boys became guinea pigs in my Shih-Tzu lab. I bought the oil and applied it between the shoulder b…