Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ear Infection Finally Gone!

My little Bruiser has always had some form of yeast infection in his ear. I got sick and tired of taking him to the vet to get antibiotics only to find the ear infection clear up for a couple of weeks and then come back.

Thanks to a local groomer, I have found a better solution.  Something so simple...

Apple cider vinegar.

I was told to put some in a spray bottle and do a quick spritz in his ear. At first I couldn't find a bottle so I took a cotton ball and dipped it in the vinegar. Usually Bruiser is very sensitive to anything in his ear...he will yelp or nip...but when I applied it he never flinched.

I did notice that the vinegar dries the ear out and makes it itchy so I bought a tube of Zincofax and rubbed it in his ear. That took away the itch.

He has finally stopped scratching his ears and constantly shaking his head.  Love it.

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