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Being Responsible for Your Pet

When we moved to a small town, we immediately built a fence around the house so our dogs had a place to run without disturbing others and without worrying about other dogs and assorted critters getting into the yard. To me, it was just what a responsible pet owner does - you keep your pet in your yard.

In this town, however, I didn't realize that dogs were such a huge issue. It seemed that many people had dogs, however, they were allowed to roam all over town and do whatever they wanted. Many people were fed up with this, particularly with some of the large dogs who would not be described as friendly. One older lady was going for a walk and was cornered by one loose dog. She was rescued by a local storeowner who chased the dog away. There was another dog - a big german shepherd - who was not friendly, chased cars and people, and lives right next to the school. They found evidence of her wandering on the school grounds and chasing little kids. The real fear came when she had pups a…