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What a lonely boy!

When my husband and I first started our restaurant we thought we had plenty of time to zip back home and be with the boys.

Oh how wrong we were!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) our restaurant took off and we were deluged with people. Our private time was extinguished and time alone with our boys became a thing of the past.

We do try and make it home a couple of times a day to let them out and be with them but it's been a really hard call - make money while we can to have a better life, or hold off a bit and spend time with the boys.

I've actually elected to spend more money on staff so I can come home and be with the little guys but balancing time and budget becomes more difficult as the days go on. Did we make the right move? I'm not sure yet, but I doubt the boys think we did.

Is it good to be successful?? Yes, we are taught it is. But we looking back I wish at times we had  elected to make less and live more. It's tough call for anyone in business for themselves.