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What a lonely boy!

When my husband and I first started our restaurant we thought we had plenty of time to zip back home and be with the boys.

Oh how wrong we were!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) our restaurant took off and we were deluged with people. Our private time was extinguished and time alone with our boys became a thing of the past.

We do try and make it home a couple of times a day to let them out and be with them but it's been a really hard call - make money while we can to have a better life, or hold off a bit and spend time with the boys.

I've actually elected to spend more money on staff so I can come home and be with the little guys but balancing time and budget becomes more difficult as the days go on. Did we make the right move? I'm not sure yet, but I doubt the boys think we did.

Is it good to be successful?? Yes, we are taught it is. But we looking back I wish at times we had  elected to make less and live more. It's tough call for anyone in business for themselves.

Lazy Days of Autumn

As the cold weather approaches, the boys take every opportunity to enjoy the last rays of sunshine on the deck. Even though the leaves are falling from the trees and the deck furniture is being put away, my little sunbathers still find a warm place to relax.

Inside Outside

When we lived in the city, I couldn't get the little guys to go outside. Even in the summer, they would sit inside the house at the edge of the patio door and look outside, but rarely venture out. Some days I had to physically put them outside to do their business.

We lived on the outskirts of the city in a very quiet are, but I suppose they still heard the noise of traffic and people and sirens. They went outside grudgingly to do their business and would hurry back in.

Now that they're in the country, I can't keep them inside.

They sit at the door constantly waiting for someone to open it. When they are outside they run everywhere. They run around the yard and we take them to neighboring fields. Sometimes we take them down the hiking trail where they scamper happily through the fallen leaves.

And just when we think we've run them out, they come into the house and chase each other around at full speed. Where they are getting this boundless energy I'll never know, …

The boys love their jazz...

Crazy as it sounds, if I want the boys to relax and have a nap, I find smooth jazz. I've tried other things - spa music, nature sounds, soft rock, ballads, classical - and nothing. The minute I put on some jazz, they are gone.

When we moved to the country, I had a two and a half hour drive to get to the house with two rambuncious boys in the SUV jumping from front to back to boxes and everywhere else. I tried everything to get them to sit still and had to stop twice on the side of the road to get them settled again. I finally put some jazz on and that was it - they laid down and had a nap.

So, my not-so-scientific experiment had resulted in keeping jazz on hand in the house and the vehicle. It keeps them calm and me sane - an all around winner!

Ear Infection Update

Bruiser was getting ear infections on a regular basis. One thing the vet did mention as a possible cause was allergies. Of course, without going through the gamut of testing, we were going to be challenged to find out what he was actually allergic to.

The one thing that sat at the top of my list of potential causes of Bruiser's allergies in the other house was the carpeted areas. When we were renovating and I lifted the carpet in the family room, the dust that came flying out was unbelievable. And this was a carpet I vacuumed at least twice a week.

When we began building our new house, my husband said I could do whatever I wanted since it was his idea to move to the country. As I was working with the builder and designing the home, I told my husband I was not having any carpet. He was a bit shocked at first...not even in the bedroom? he asked. I said no...none. He said he didn't like waking up in the morning and have his feet hitting the cold floor. I said I'd buy him a ma…

Where have we been?

It's been awhile since the last post, and that's because we decided to the country!
Yes, we sold our home in the city as well as all the furniture, packed up the boys and our belongings and moved to a quieter, cleaner place. So now, as we move in and start making the place our own the boys are adjusting quite easily to a simpler way of living.
This is the chunk of land we bought. Pics of the boys on their new deck coming soon.

Do the boys want to go to the country?

Dogs are very intelligent creatures. Yes, we complain when they don't listen, but I'm quite convinced that my boys don't listen because they choose not to, not because they don't understand what I'm telling them.
During the winter, I would occasionally say " you want to go to the country?" These little guys go goofy jumping up and down and running to the door. At first I thought perhaps it was my tone of voice that excited them, so I used the same tone and said " you want to have a bath?" (a most hated activity) and I did not get the same reaction.
Anytime we went to visit family in the country, we would always say " you want to go to the country?" and I guess they associated "country" with that wonderful green space where they run free, experience many new scents, chase birds, meet cats and other dogs, and how can we forget the numerous trees to mark?
So I wonder if the boys dream of the country when …

Boys and their rugs

I was in Calgary a while ago and picked up an Alpaca area rug. I had it upstairs on the side of my bed but brought it down to the living room one day to show someone who came to visit. Well, as soon as the dogs saw the rug they absolutely loved it. As anyone with a Shih-Tzu knows, once the dogs attach themselves to an item, it becomes theirs. So my friend left and I went about my business and totally forgot about the rug. When I remembered, I went looking for it but the Alpaca rug mysteriously went from the living room to the boys' sleeping area in the family room. Oh yea...guess who was sleeping on it so I couldn't move it? (They're not as innocent as they look...)