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City boys become country boys

After my mother-in-law passed away, we had to go out to the country to her home to help my husband's siblings pack up the house. The three hour drive was no joy given the circumstances. However, it is made even more onerous when the boys decide that, rather than use the entire back end of the SUV that contains their toys, bedding, water dish and other assorted treats, they MUST spend the entire ride on my lap. Both of them...together. Side by side. They switch positions every two minutes.  About 10 minutes away from our destination, they decide that perhaps it's time to go in the back and curl up for a nap. When we get to my mother-in-law' place, the boys perk up because they know that here they can run amok without leashes and still never run out space to roam. They water every tree, and when they run out of liquid they simply lift their legs at the remaining ones while looking puzzled that nothing comes out. Well, by the 35th tree you would think they would learn that not…