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Sleep Disturbances? It's just Rocki.

Rocki has recently decided that it is not okay for my husband to sleep in our home.

My husband works night shift and can often be found on the couch snoozing. It's not that he's snoring or making any noises, but the mere fact that he's sleeping drives Rocki to distraction. He will march to the couch, growl at my husband and, if there is no response, he will jump on him to wake him up.

If I fall asleep, it's okay. If Bruiser falls asleep, that's okay too. When my husband falls asleep, it's time to wake him.

What goes through his mind is beyond me. If I see him approaching my sleeping spouse, I try and coerce him over to me with toys, treats and voice commands. Nothing works...he is on a mission and will not be distracted. If I go over and pick him up and take him to another room, the minute I set him down he will make a beeline to where my husband is and start growling at him and jump on him. My husband's head is the favored landing spot, but his chest makes …