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The Best Cleaner for your Carpets

Like most people, I've probably tried 75,000 different things on the carpet to get urine and marking stains out. It's been a trying journey with Rocki who, although he's a bit slow to learn, does understand that he has to go poop outside. However, he never quite grasped the concept that peeing is done outside as well. Although I've tried every which way to train him, it's been a losing battle. So I've come to accept that during the day, Rocki will go outside with his brother and at night, he'll just go wherever and I'll clean it up.
It's not just the stains that drive me nuts - it's the lingering odor that is nauseating and guarantees the dog will return to that exact spot when it comes time to do his or her business. But now I've found something better than my old white vinegar and water solution and it's natural.

I've used this on the bottom of my light colored couch (which is microsuede) and on the carpet. (did I mention the carpet …