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Selecting a Kennel

We recently had occasion where we had to go out of town and no family members were available to sit with our boys, so we had no option but to put them in a kennel. Now I thought I did my research - I looked up kennels in our area on the internet and thought I had found a good one. I checked the website of the kennel to see their facilities, I searched for good and bad reviews, and I talked to people in my vets office. We also had friends who left their Daschund and Jack Terrier there and were very happy with the treatment they received. The bonus with this kennel is that it was close to home. I found their site on the internet and was impressed by the tiled cubicles for small dogs. When I talked to the staff at the vets office who said they heard that this kennel was now under new management (and I too had seen the sign when I passed by it) and that people were starting to bring their dogs back (apparently they had a bad reputation before but no one would commit to saying why). I was to…

The Boys Visit the Veterinarian

It's that time of year when the boys need their shots so we make a quick trip to the vet.
Bruiser had been having some trouble with his ear - scratching it, repeatedly licking his paw and shaking his head - so I asked the vet to look at it. It turns out he has another ear infection. I can't figure out how or why he keeps getting them and Rocki never does, but now we have antibiotics and drops for him and it appears to be clearing up.
Rocki has been skittering around on his bum, so the vet had his anal sac squeezed and he seems to be okay now.
All in all, aside from the $380 bill, it was a good trip. They're both healthy and are at a proper weight. We have a follow up visit to ensure that Bruiser's ear infection clears up, but he seems to be doing much better than he was.
The vet has been asking if I will be neutering them. I said I would shortly but I'm the one who is squeamish about it. But apparently neutering them avoids many health related issues such as testicular…