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The Geese Return

It's that time of year where the leaves start to turn shades of amber, orange and red. It's that time of year when the Canada geese gather at our little lake to prepare for their long journey south. And, it's that time of year when Bruiser absolutely refuses to go outside for any reason.
It's not that the dogs are afraid of the geese who parade through our back yard twice a day. It's not the incessant honking when the geese gather at night that spooks him. What frightens Bruiser are the "crackers" that go off at intervals throughout the day.
The "crackers" (as I call them) sound like a gunshot. The city has placed them around the lake because there are some individuals who live on the lake who don't like the geese. So, they complain to the city and the city puts in "crackers" to ostensibly scare the geese away. As far as I can see, the geese keep coming back. Some fly away when the "crackers" go off only to return shortly t…