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The Boys Lose their Grandma

The boys know something is up. We're gone for long periods of time, and they've seen more of our family coming and going than ever before. People are always dropping in and staying the night. And then we're all gone again for hours.

They haven't had their bath or brushing like they always did. Their walks to the lake have become non-existent. When their mom and dad come home, they don't do much more than fall on the couch and sleep. And through it all the boys are the most patient, caring little guys you could ever wish for.

Although they don't know exactly what's going on, we know they will never see their Grandma again because Grandma is in the hospital and, after being poked and prodded and tested for the last month, we are told there is no hope for recovery and she is simply being kept comfortable until she takes her last breath which, we believe, will be at any time.
The boys became close to Grandma when she stayed with us for seven months. Grandma ha…