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What's with these Denta Stix?

The boys love Denta Stix. I'm not sure why but whatever they've got in there....the doggie version of catnip or dogs go crazy over them. However, the boys do eat goose poop whenever they can access it and moths, when they're in season, so nothing really surprises me.

What did surprise me though is how nice Bruiser's teeth are. Rocki isn't a good test subject because he doesn't actually chew anything...he breaks it into tiny pieces and swallows. I'm not sure how to teach him to chew, but that's another story...

I did have chicken-flavored toothpaste the vet gave me as well as a little finger brush. I tried brushing the dogs' teeth in the past, but they were more interested in eating the toothpaste and chewing the finger containing the brush rather than letting me scrub their teeth. So when I took Bruiser to the vet one day, the vet commented that he had a lot of plaque on his teeth. I much was his dental bill going to cos…

The boys get the flu

I never thought dogs got the flu, but mine did.

It started one morning with Bruiser when he threw up. I cleaned his mess and wondered what he had eaten since eating something they shouldn't is the usual culprit. However, the vomitting didn't stop but got worse. He also was running outside frequently with diahrrea and that's when I knew something was wrong. He wasn't eating or drinking and I had visions of Parvo all over again, so I called the vet and asked if I could bring him in and have him checked out.

Luckily, the vet was very accommodating and I was able to bring him in within the hour. They did a physical checkup and everything seemed okay. They used the rectal thermometer and his temperature was normal. The did the bum smear and that too came out normal. They also did blood tests to check for internal diseases but his blood work came back as normal. So, after $280 the verdict was that he had a virus and was given electrolytes to rehydrate him and a shot of someth…