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Sun Worshipping Shih-Tzus

My little boys are definitely sun worshippers, even though they're not near a beach.
In the morning, the front room faces the east and the sun's warm rays bathe them in light. This is their favorite place in the morning, especially since it's been ridiculously cold here. How does -47 degrees sound? And if you're wondering if that's Farenheit or Celcius, they meet at -42 so it doesn't matter.
Going outside is tough for the little ones. They're not out more than 5 seconds having the fastest pees in history. When it's this cold, they don't eat as much or drink as much. It's like they somehow know that if they eat or drink, they'll have to go outside at some point so they hold off until the weather warms up.
So this is how they spend a bitterly cold winter day - sunbathing on their favorite rug.

Renovations are over!

Life has returned to normal for the boys...except the carpet is missing. For me this is a joyous time. For the dogs, they just want their stinky carpet back. 
They continue to look in vain for it. Bruiser was even caught trying to search behind the couch, but then he got stuck between the end table and the couch and I had to rescue him. As far as the boys are concerned, the carpet just up and disappeared. They're still not too sure about the flooring but I think they'll get used to it after a while. Thankfully, they have found refuge in the living room because the carpet is still there. Although, if I get my way, it won't be there for long.

However, now that all the furniture is back in place and their bedding, toys and chewies have returned to the family room, life is not so bad. Rocki doesn't think so anyway...he looks pretty comfortable to me. Bruiser still appears a bit bewildered, but is slowly adjusting to his new circumstances.
For anyone interested in what porcela…