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What happened to the kitchen?

It's day whatever of what started off as a five day tiling renovation and work has just begun again after a nine-day hiatus that included the tiler getting snowed in at an airport after a weekend trip and Christmas. That meant over the Xmas holidays, we had no fridge and no stove. We had bare concrete on the floor. Christmas tree? Nope...didn't even put it up because our front rooms were so full of furniture and appliances we had no room for a tree. So Christmas came and went for us just like another day.

The dogs are trying to manage but they have had to adjust to the changes. No longer do they run the "racetrack" through the kitchen and family room. One day when they came bounding out of the dining room, you could hear the screech as they put on the brakes when they hit the concrete in the kitchen. So, no more racetrack. Chasing toys through the house? Can't do it because there are too many obstacles in their way. The water dish? First it's by the front door…

Day 4 of the reno and one room is ready!

Yesterday our tile guys grouted the family room and told us we could walk on the floor today and, if we wanted, start moving our furniture in.

We were ecstatic to finally be able to check out some of the changes. Bruiser, however, beat us to it and tore into "his space" to see what the heck had happened to his carpet. As you can see, the first test was the "face rub" and something was definitely different. Rocki was having a nap. His usual attitude toward change is "whatever" so actually rising from his cozy little bed was just far too much effort. Bruiser, on the other hand, is known around here as "the little inspector" because he needs to know what is going on everywhere at all times. His room was no different - he had to inspect every square inch before we could coerce him out.

Tomorrow? Tiling begins in the kitchen and eating area. The "fun" continues...

Surviving the Reno

Rocki and Bruiser do their best to live through the renovation, but for my husband and I it's a bit harder to adjust. Not only are we living with the furniture from the family room and kitchen, but we have to manoeuver around the fridge and stove. And all of this is in the dining room along with the dining room furniture.

Throughout the tiling process, with saws and tile cutters going throughout the day, the boys have stayed pretty close and follow me like a shadow wherever I go. They eat less, drink less and sleep more. They don't chase each other, don't play with their toys and have even lost interest in their chewies. Sleeping seems to be their only source of comfort during this tumultuous time.

Day 2 of the Reno

My poor boys are not allowed anywhere near "their area" because it's now covered with mesh and a layer of cement that has to dry. We all cannot go near this area and continue to spend our time squeezed into the living room along with an empty fridge and stove, the kitchen table and family room furniture.

However, we have found a sunny little area where I've placed the dogs' bedding. Bruiser has adjusted to quite well to his new surroundings. Rocki is Rocki - he plops himself down wherever he happens to be when he gets tired. If it's on the bed, that's fine. If it's on my husband's track shoe, that's fine too.

I've had to put on their harnesses and leashes to take them out to the front to do their business, so last night at 4:00 a.m. they got me up. They were grunting incessantly which usually means "I have to go outside...NOW". I've been sleeping in my sweats so I can jump up and take them out quickly, so I leashed them up, pu…

Day 1 of the Reno

This morning, all the furniture was removed and the carpet was rolled up. As you can see, the boys saw this as a new opportunity for romping, jumping and chasing each other on their new "toy".
Always curious, they had to inspect every inch of the carpet and underlay and then decided that it was a great area to chase each other. Needless to say we had a hard time getting the carpet out of the room without the dogs.
Life got a bit more confusing when they realized all their stuff was moved into the living room. And, to top it all off, two big guys started loading box after box of tile and the mountain got bigger with numerous bags of cement. Ever the daredevil, Bruiser managed to leap onto 3. 5 feet of tile and jump off the other end to see what's going on in his room. We had no choice but to build up the mountain and now, at close to 5.5 feet, I think we're pretty safe in assuming he's not going to jump it. However, the night is not over...
Tonight, the boys are rest…

Life Becomes Topsy-Turvy for the Boys

Although they don't know what's going on exactly, the boys know that something is up. First, some furniture disappeared from "their area". Next went some baseboards. Tomorrow will bring more changes as the rest of the furniture moves and the carpet gets ripped out. And then the boys will find out what is really happening - we are getting new flooring.
Finally, the worn out smelly, stained carpet will be gone and replaced with porcelain tile. And although I have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, I am also dreading the thought that for five days, we will be unable to use the family room and the kitchen. And, because the patio and fenced area for the boys is off the kitchen, I will have to put on their harnesses and leashes and take them out the front door to do their business. Did I mention it's around -40C outside??? And did I also mention that Rocki likes to go out for 3 seconds about 15 times a day? I am not looking forward to this. Their bedd…