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Rocki the "healer"

Our little guy instinctively wants to heal others.

When his brother had an ear infection, I noticed it because Rocki made me aware of it. At first he kept licking his brother's ear. Whenever Bruiser went to scratch his ear, Rocki would jump on me and get my attention. Then he would run back to his brother and stare at me as if to say "do something!". If I didn't respond, he'd go through the process again - jump on me, then run back to his brother. After Bruiser was treated for the infection, Rocki would check his ear every day at intervals to make sure that the ear was in fact okay. He'd sniff, and then walk away. I learned to rely on Rocki's instincts when determining if the medication was actually working on his brother.

Last week I caught a very bad cold. As I was laying on the couch, Rocki jumped on me and began sniffing until he pinpointed the source of the problem - my nose. He tried to lick it to take the infection away. I stopped him from doing this…

Making Your Own Dog Food

I bought a book that had a number of healthy recipes for dogs that you make yourself. So I decided to put on my baker's hat one day and make the dog biscuits they recommended. 
After baking a huge batch, I proudly presented my handiwork to the boys. The dogs came, sniffed the biscuits and walked away. They never actually ate them, although they were full of healthy products and no chemicals. I tried one and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to eat it either. In the end, all 50+ biscuits went to the trash.
However, having said that, I realize where I went wrong with the recipe and am determined to try it again. I just need a better recipe.
So for anyone who wants to try making food for their dog on their own, I did find a web link that offers free dog food recipes. Some of them look good enough for me to eat and the biscuits actually look like they may have some taste, so I think I'll try a couple of them and see if the boys like it.