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The boys get a haircut

As the hot weather fast approaches, we felt it was time to beat the heat and get the dogs in to their groomer for an overall makeover.

For $70 ($35 each), they got the "puppy cut" as our groomer calls it. The fur is clipped short, the hair is plucked from the ears and their nails are trimmed. The ears are leveled off and the "beard" (that my husband hates so much!) is shorn.

And here is the result. The boys posed in one of their favorite spots - the chair next to me when I'm working on the laptop.
One thing I can say...since they got their hair cut, they have been full of spunk and energy. I think the weight of the fur as well as the heat it creates made them somewhat lethargic. Since their cuts they have not stopped running, whether it be for the sheer joy of it or to chase each other around in order to claim ownership of the toy or chewie "du jour". I used to think Rocki (on the far right) was a bit overweight. It was just his hair...he's skinny as…

The boys go to the country

We took a little road trip this weekend to the country to visit the family and attend my niece's wedding social. Of course, we took the boys.

They had a blast. For one thing, they could run free without a leash. Secondly, my mother-in-law has over two acres of property, and that's not counting the garden. And they ran their little hearts out!

Coming home, they slept most of the way. They were covered in dry mud, fresh cut grass, leaves and twigs. Did they care? Nope...they had the time of their lives. I caught this photo of them on the drive home in between naps.