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What Your Dogs Know That You Don't

My dogs are well trained and do not mess in the house. So imagine my surprise one morning when I woke up and found markings throughout the kitchen.

I brought both of them over, made them sniff the offending area, and then scolded them roundly. Bruiser hung his head...Rocki wagged his tail and tried to jump up for me to hug him. I was about to melt and so I walked away and thought that was the end of it.

The next morning...the same thing...markings throughout the kitchen and family room. I was at my wits end. I went through the routine again with them, only I spoke louder.

Later that day, I went into the basement to do the laundry and saw something scurry in my path. It was too big to be a spider or cricket so I called my husband and he helped me look around. We found evidence of a little field mouse.

My husband went to the store, bought a mouse trap and we put peanut butter on it and set it out. The next morning when we came down, the mouse trap was intact, but the peanut butter was gone…

Want a healthy dog? Try "people food".

My doctor has a cottage near mine and we often run into each other and chat about our pets. She has a beautiful white Maltese that just had a litter. One day we were talking about food for the dogs and she told me she feeds her dog like I feed mine - they get chicken, pork, beef, liver and whatever other meat we are eating as well as some fresh vegetables. She leaves dog food out as a snack as do I. The reason?

She told me she had done a lot of research into the high rate of diabetes in dogs and found that commercial dog food is high in carbohydrates and this is what causes diabetes. We all know people in the area with different types of dogs who are giving them insulin on a regular basis for their diabetes. She believes that if we fed them more meat and vegetables we can avoid this in our pets.

I personally have been following this diet with my two boys and they are always full of energy, have beautiful coats, no "doggie breath" and are at a proper weight. When they go to t…