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Singing Shih-Tzus

For Christmas, I bought one of the singing and jiggling figurines from Hallmark. The one that caught my attention was the snowman and his little dog who sang and howled to Jingle Bells. So, I picked it up and brought it home.

Well, little did I know that Bruiser was an aspiring chanteur. He is so enraptured by the little ornament, whenever I ask if he wants to "sing", he runs to the couch, perches on the arm over the figurine, and waits for me to turn it on. He then barks and howls as best he can to the tune. He has taught himself how to howl like the little dog figure at the end of the song and is quite proud of his vocal abilities.

Rocki doesn't "sing". However, he does jump up on the chair with Bruiser, wag his tail and generally provide moral support.

Christmas...not just for humans!

Our festive mood begins as we haul up the Christmas decorations and start the process of decorating our home for the holidays. Of course, our ever-astute pooches pick up on our mood and their excitement translates into tearing around the house, jumping on tables and chairs, and attacking all the new items that appear in their territory.

I took a picture of Bruiser, our oldest, guarding the fluffy Xmas decoration against Rocki's sneak attacks on most inanimate objects. Bruiser has appointed himself "big boss" of the house and general security, ensuring his brother doesn't get into anything he himself doesn't feel like getting into. In this case, because Rocki was having so much fun with this toy/ornament, Bruiser has decided to watch over it...that is, until he feels like attacking it himself.