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Why two are better than one

Two dogs generally equal more work...two to bathe...two to groom...two to feed. But the benefits outweigh the perceived disadvantages.

For one thing, bathing two is not too much harder than bathing one. Throw both of them in the tub and you're done in 10 minutes. Feeding? Two don't eat much more than one, especially these little guys. Grooming? So it takes 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

Our oldest was depressed before Rocki came along. I didn't realize it at the could you? But after we got Rocki, Bruiser realized he had a purpose. He took it upon himself to treat Rocki like his own child...he taught him the rules of the house through body language, growls and barks. Rocki is always clean...Bruiser "washes" his eyes, ears and face every night and Rocki has learned the routine and reciprocates with his brother. I no longer have to purchase expensive products to clean the dirt from their eyes because they look after each other. After their outdoor bathro…

The Shih-Tzu "Racetrack"

Anyone that has a Shih-Tzu knows about the racetrack. Even when our oldest was small, he would often get that little gleam in his eye, jump up and start running as fast as he could around the coffee table until he dropped from exhaustion. As time went on, the circles around the table widened to encompass the kitchen island and any other area he could use to create a little "track" where he ran like a wild dog. All you saw was a flash of white...if you blinked, you missed him.

When we got his brother, the racetrack continued, except there were two of them running their little hearts out. It's something that's in the breed...they get it into their head that they're going to run and all hell breaks loose! If you start opening doors, all of a sudden the staircase, the living room, the kitchen and the family room become part of the track where they run as fast as they can in wide, sweeping circles until they finally collapse and succumb to a little nap.

What do you know about the person grooming your dog?

Bear with me as I tell you a story of what happened to our dogs and hopefully will never happen to yours.

I used to have a mobile groomer, and for us this was a great setup. She came to the house, had her own equipment, and she allowed me to help keep the dogs calm while she snipped and shaved. This also gave me the opportunity to ensure that my pets were treated well and felt comfortable. Although she was nice, there was something that ate at me which I dismissed.

Then, she had a baby. At that point, she decided not do mobile grooming but invited us to bring our little boys to her home where she had a room set aside for this purpose. We brought our dogs to her home twice. The first time they came out looking horrible...some areas seemed groomed and other areas looked like she didn't bother with them. We brushed it off as being distracted by her new baby (even though her husband was home). Although she seemed a bit snippy, I chalked it up to fatigue and told my husband we'd give…