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Summer time means...ticks!

The boys were on vacation in the country when we had to attend a wedding in California. However, when they came home, my little one had something on his fur next to his mouth. On closer inspection, it looked like blood. I was puzzled...he didn't appear to be hurt. I rubbed his fur...I saw what looked like a cherry pit caught in his fur. I tried pulling gently but it was stuck in. Of course, at this point, I'm wondering where the cherry pit came from. dawned on me...the "cherry pit" had legs. Oh no, I thought... don't tell me... it's a tick!!!

Sure enough it was. I am not familiar with ticks except the bits and pieces I've heard secondhand. I remembered someone once told me to burn it off with a lighter or match. Burn it? I couldn' was on my boy's face. How could I burn it and possibly hurt him?

Finally, after looking at where it was on his face, I decided to get their trimming scissors and try to trim the fur away from his face and,…

Dog fighting

The story is not about Shitzus today. I just finished reading the actual indictment against Michael Vick et all in the dog fighting charges and am trying not to be sick as I write this. According to the indictment, if the dogs didn’t do well in test fights, they were shot, electrocuted and, in one case, allegedly body smashed into the ground. There was also a rape stand found on the property that was used for aggressive female dogs.

You know, Michael Vick is a great football player. I don’t know him as a person, but he is very talented in the game. According to statements in various news reports, the gist of his position is he didn’t know what was happening on the property because he was rarely there and he allowed friends to use it.

Okay...I’m not going to say he’s telling the truth or lying. I don’t know who was involved. All I know is that dogs were bought, sold and bred solely to fight for people’s amusement and profit. How do you get a dog ready to fight? You abuse it. You don’t fe…