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Those darn collies

Our home is located on an open area. Behind us is a tract of "no man's land" where people always take their dogs out for a run (or take themselves out for one!).It's amazing how our dogs react to others. When the two German Shepherds go by, they watch but they're quiet as mice. When the Rottweiler and his master come, they hide behind the barbeque and wait till they've passed. When their friend Jasmine, a 9 month old Golden Retriever goes for a walk, they're all friendly yips and tails wagging (even though Jasmine is 10 times their size). When the big lab Buddy from next door comes for a visit, there is a lot of tail wagging and nose-to-nose greetings. When the collies come by, look out!I don't know why they hate the collies, or should I say they each love to torment the other. When the collies come by, they wag their tails and happily yip as they go past. This drives our dogs to distraction. They can hear the collies coming from a mile away and are p…

What does your dog watch?

We often have the TV on and the dogs don't pay any attention whatsoever to it. The only time they reacted to it was when someone rang the doorbell on a pizza commercial and the two of them bolted to our front door and wound up completely confused when they discovered no one was there.

But the other day, our little one was absolutely mesmerized when a Garfield movie came on. He actually sat and watched it for over half an hour, running to the TV every so often and leaping up and wagging his tail whenever the dog was onscreen. Then he would race back to the couch, perch on the end, and continue watching the movie. The oldest one didn't give a rip if anything was on TV...he's quite content playing with their toys.

So, if you ever thought that your dogs weren't paying attention to the television, you may just be surprised one day.