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Finding the right groomer

Once I took the oldest dog to a well-known pet store that offered grooming services. He shook the whole time he was there and cried when we left. It broke our hearts but the place came highly recommended and he needed to be groomed.

When we got him back at the appointed time, which was six hours later, he looked great. Well groomed, relatively calm...but he was sure happy to see us.

I didn't know how we were going to do it the next time. I guess part of me does trust these companies to some extent, but then again how do you know how your pet is really being treated?

Enter the mobile grooming service. I had researched the concept and decided to try one. Well, the woman arrived with her own table, a cover for the floor and all the tools she needed to properly groom a Shitsu. She doesn't bathe them, but because I started bathing them regularly when they were young, they don't give me any problems so that really wasn't an issue.

Our dog was a bit nervous at first, but because …

Dog food or "people" food?

The great debate continues. It doesn't matter who you talk to, everyone has a very strong opinion as to what constitutes "healthy" food for dogs.

My doctor told me she feeds her Maltese nothing but people food because in her studies on the subject, she found that dogs that ate nothing but dog food were prone to diabetes because of the high level of carbohydrates in dog food.

My friend had a dog growing up that got nothing but rice and fresh cooked ground beef and whatever else he managed to scrounge up on their family farm. Their dog was healthy until he passed away at the age of 18.

I think people food is fine, as long as you know what is toxic (onions, chocolate, etc.), what is unhealthy and what they can eat. You have to believe that these little creatures want variety just like we do.

I've done a lot of research on the topic. Right now, my dogs have dog food that they snack on. Each day they get some meat - liver, ground beef or steak. Sometimes a bit of chicken or …

Are two dogs better than one?

I have two male Shitzus, Bruiser and Rocky. Deciding to get Rocki was not something that I did out of the blue...I had read a lot about bringing a second dog into the home and talked to a lot of people who had more than one pet. This is what I learned...
After much research, it appeared that the best time to get a second dog was while Bruiser was still young. However, the question became male or female? Female generally was a no-no...they tend not to take well to a male. However, if we were going to get another male, the best time was within the first year.
This was because he had not yet established the home as his "territory". Male dogs are territorial as they get older, but female dogs can also be territorial and, if they are old enough, they can be worse than male dogs.
We were approached by someone we knew who had a 7 year old female Cocker Spaniel named Coco and they were trying to find her a home as they couldn't keep her any longer. She was a lovely dog and I a…