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Energetic Ground?

I question whether areas have energies that our dogs react to.

In our previous home we had three acres of fenced property so the dogs could run at will. I didn't have to worry about them getting out and heading to the road and I didn't worry about critters coming into the yard.

My dogs stayed in the house or on the deck. There was one far corner of the yard they enjoyed but, more often than not, they stayed on the deck. There were many times I actually carried them into the middle of the yard so they could be on the grass and get some exercise, but they would usually make a beeline back to the deck and sit there looking at me standing in the yard.

After we moved, I took them outside into the new yard (pictured here) to get them acquainted with it. Its been over a month that we've been here and honestly I can't keep these dogs in the house! They want to be outside all the time. They are always sitting at the door looking at me to let them out. They keep going to the sa…
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Lessons we can learn about love

We always used to joke that we should have named Rocki "Florence Nightengale" because he is always so concerned about everyone. If you even cough, he jumps up to come to see if you're ok. And when his brother Bruiser is not well, he is always by his side trying to be of some assistance.

We just recently moved and our new house has two stories so there is a rather large staircase. Our previous house was a bungalow so there has been an adjustment period for them. They are used to the place now, however, neither one of them will venture up or down these steps.

This presents a problem at night as they are used to coming into the bedroom to sleep. So what happens now is one or both will place their front paws on the bottom step and bark to let us know they want to come up. One of us will go down the stairs, pick them up, and then carry them up the staircase. At 3:30 a.m., usually one, or both, will bark to let us know they want to go down again. So someone has to get up and …

The Great Outdoors

During lazy warm summer days, our deck dog likes to relax in style.

If I am sitting outside, he will march over to the chair he would like to be on, jump part way up, look at me and grunt. I'm well trained and will immediately lift him up so he can bask in comfort.

Who trained who?

Making the Perfect Bed

The perfect bed is made from a blanket...any blanket. But you don't fold must throw it in a heap.

At that point the little boys jump on it and perform a type of dance where they use their paws to beat it, move it, and scratch it up.

Then it's up to their standards for a snooze. The only thing they have to do is walk about in circles on top of it until a good spot is found. Then they can settle in for a nap.

If it is not quite right, within a minute the boys will start performing the circle dance again until the actual "perfect spot" is detected. And then...goodnight!

Natural Tick Control

In the spring I purchased a  popular brand of tick control. Namely, the commercial solution that you drip between the shoulder blades.

Bruiser was somewhat despondent for a day but Rocki was SICK...lethargic, shaking, didn't eat. I did some research online and found that many dogs got sick from this "preventative" measure and indeed, some even died. I toyed with taking him to the vet but he slowly got better and I never did do that. What I did note was that even with the treatment, they still had the odd tick that was immune to the chemical cocktail in their systems and still had to be removed. However, it stuck in my head that there must be a better way to treat them for ticks without them getting violently ill from commercial products.

After much research, I discovered that Geranium Oil (which can be purchased at any health food store) was recommended for ticks. So, my boys became guinea pigs in my Shih-Tzu lab. I bought the oil and applied it between the shoulder b…

Brother Looking After Brother

Rock doesn't bark. He doesn't grunt. Usually, he makes no sound at all. Bruiser, on the other hand, does the "talking" for both of them. Last night my husband was awakened by Bruiser at the side of the bed grunting. He got up thinking Bruiser had to go outside but when he went through the kitchen, he found Rocki sitting in front of the water dish which was empty. Bruiser grunted a couple more times until my husband filled the dish and then Bruiser went back to his bed. Rocki had a drink of water and went to sleep.

Amazing how they look out for each other.

Winter Booties

My boys do not like winter. They do not like the cold nor do they like snow.

I worry about their little feet so I bought some dog booties for them to wear when they go out. Temperatures here can be as cold as -35 C so it's not pretty when you think of going out in "bare" feet.

The booties are made for little dogs. They are black felt material and have a velcro strap that allows you to tighten them on the dog's foot. So armed with my new buy, I went to grab Bruiser who refused to sit still to put the booties on. Because Bruiser is the daredevil of the two (he will leap from chairs or your arms because he thinks he can fly) I decided Rocki was the safer bet to try on the booties.

I got him in my lap and proceeded to put the first bootie on. When it was done I allowed him to walk so I could gauge if I had it on right. Obviously it was not tight enough as the first thing he did was run away, grab the bootie in his teeth and yank it off, and then proceeded to beat the cr…